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[Comments] (2) Collect Them All: Check out the Wyoming cookie cutter.

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Posted by Frances Whitney at Thu Oct 30 2003 13:09

I can't tell the difference between Wyoming and Colorado. So that makes me different from President Bush..... how?????

Posted by Leonard at Thu Oct 30 2003 14:09

The Hawaii one is not that great; they only have the big island. It would look more like Hawaii if they abandoned their need for literal representation and gave it a solid tail.

I was trying to think of how you could use the Wyoming or Colorado cutters in a way that would make people know it was Wyoming or Colorado. You could do cookies for the entire US and arrange them in a cookie map, but the cutters are not to scale (eg. Deleware is as tall as California, the part of Michigan that hangs off Wisconsin is as big as the main part of Michigan), so as you went east the map would get less and less accurate. The only other thing I could think of would be to use frosting gel to paint a road map on the cookie.

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