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[Comments] (4) : Sumana said I need to post another entry about my going to Arkansas so people don't think the previous one was for Canadian April Fool's Day or something. So, let's talk about Arkansas. I remember being in Texarkana and then being in Tennessee on a road trip when I was younger, but I don't remember going through Arkansas, even though that's the only reasonable way it could have happened.

What is there to do in Little Rock? Sumana and I were there last weekend and there was not much besides a farmer's market and a Red Bull promotional event. This makes me feel as though the people in charge of my Truman Show-style simulated life were caught unprepared by my sudden excursion, and that when I come back it will be bustling.

Speaking Of States: A long time ago I saw a series of entries on someone's weblog, one entry for each U.S. state plus D.C., Puerto Rico, and the various islands labeled "(U.S.)" on maps. In the comments section people from that area were invited to talk about what makes that area great. I thought this was a really good idea, only slightly marred by the fact that the comment sections for the three states with Illuminati cards were full of bickering about how the rest of the U.S. would be better off without that state, and vice versa.

Well, after a lot of Google trickery I was able to find the site, and I present it to you: What's Not To Like? It would be really neat to have sites like this for other countries.


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