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[Comments] (2) YOUARE=T(YOUEAT): At my going-away party, Seth talked about weird diets. The conversation came around, as it always does, to the USDA's National Nutrient Database. We talked about using the NND data to construct a diet navigator, something that would let you enter some wacky criteria and then create a solid in the 6661-dimensional space of diets, representing the diets that fit that criteria while providing all of your RDAs. This would, eg. allow you to scientifically determine once and for all whether it would be possible to do a vegetarian Atkins diet. Who are you going to believe, some hack on a message board, or linear algebra?

We also talked about making Nethack trendier by adding an Atkins diet conduct. To keep this conduct you could eat all the animal corpses you wanted, but not vegetable-based foods, or potions of booze or fruit juice. Alternatively, there might be a vegetable timeout.

Also check out newCROP, which has an enormous list of food crops, as well as the disturbing list of Famine Foods.

Kevan Davis Presents Spam Noise Roundup:

Kill those junk emails xf gswk

Warning: Disable product before clicking "send".

join the many Americans enlarging their penises! iop iop qweew

With leaky bicycle pumps, by the sound of it.

[Comments] (1) : Remember the days of wacky flowcharts? No, I don't either. But they existed, and for a time the writers of wacky flowcharts were given high esteem. They mingled with the likes of the guy who did the "You Want It When?" and "If You Think People Never Come Back From The Dead, You Should See This Place Around Closing Time!" posters, and did fearsome battle with the "Hang In There!" kitten. Their deeds were recorded on... extremely linear flowcharts, I guess.

+-----------------------+   +---------------------------------------+
| Wrote wacky flowchart |-->| Incorporated suggestions into version |
+-----------------------+   | 2 of wacky flowchart                  | 
  +-----------------| Revealed 6 new flowcharts at company picnic |
  |                 +---------------------------------------------+
| Came up with trendy Cabbage Patch Dolls flowchart, big hit |
   +-----| Cabbage Patch Doll market collapse |
   |     +------------------------------------+             
   |   +---------+    +---------------------------------------------+
   +-->| Despair |--->| Slashed wrists with own flowchart templates |
       +---------+    +---------------------------------------------+
                                     | NO PROBLEM! |

As flowcharts became obsolete, a few of the surviving wacky flowchart writers managed to make the transition to wacky UML diagrams, but their audience ever shrinks and becomes more technical. Some of the old stuff is really good, though. For instance, today on Crooked Timber they posted a funny, multi-page Meta-Cosmology Theory Flowchart. That was actually the whole point of this entry, but it's sort of overshadowed by the graphic. HEY! LOOK OVER HERE! There, that should do it.

Even today, flowcharts are sometimes funny, but it's usually unintentional.


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