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: Sumana and I went out to Millennium, an expensive vegan restaurant in San Francisco. I had the avocado/tomato salad, which was really delicious with lots of different types of tomatoes; and the zucchini cake, which was good but a little bland (they didn't even bring a little bottle of hot sauce to your table!). There was not enough zucchini cake for my taste; after you finished the zucchini cake you just had some cooked zucchini and some (admittedly tasty) beans.

Sumana had a fennel and apple salad, and an entree composed primarily of tempeh. I will let her give her opinions of that once we fix her NewsBruiser install to keep up with the latest weird changes OCF has made to their hosting setup.

For an appetizer there was free bread, with a tofu-based aioli. The bread was good, and the aioli tasted okay but had a really weird texture. I think they should have just mashed up some garlic in olive oil instead of putting tofu on every flat surface.

There was a wide variety of desserts. I had a cannoli with a tapioca filling and a fig sauce, which was great. Sumana had a chocolate/tofu cake.

Also, Millennium had these fruit juice drinks called "refreshing potions", and Sumana ordered one, so the receipt says:

1 POTIONS                    6.95

Sadly, Millennium would not accept payment in gold pieces. I don't recommend the potions anyway; get the hot chocolate instead.

Request For Business Name Change Denied: Is this a real restaurant?

Leonard's Analog To Brooks' Law: "Renaming a bad software product makes it worse."

: In an academic sense I'm always interested in a new approach to the liar paradox, but I don't like fuzzy logic very much, and I still think the revision theory of truth is the best solution. The fuzzy logic approach seems only to yield a way of quantifying a sentence's properties under revision theory.

Incidentally, I am trying to write a science fiction story about the revision theory of truth, a story I think you would love. Too bad I am not very good at writing stories.

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