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[Comments] (3) Diary Of A Madman: HTML forms, my life is consumed by HTML forms. I know Sumana already posted this to the guest weblog, but for NYCB consumption I should mention that I'm working on the Clark Community Network, a big Scoop site for the campaign. I have had to put aside both my hatred of Perl and my distaste for the word "blog". I am doing nothing but work and sleep.

In my madness I have taken to imagining what dynamic data-driven websites would look like if ancient civilizations had dynamic data-driven websites. For instance, in ancient Greece, a user signup form would have a field for "City-State". If I had the time, I could actually do some mockups that would be pretty funny, but right now all such projects seem as insignificant as my project to come up with mass nouns for all the Nethack monsters (eg. a conglomorate of floating eyes, a loitering of trappers).


Posted by Frances Whitney at Thu Nov 13 2003 12:50

Looks like this link is broken.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Nov 13 2003 22:57

Yay for madness.

Blog blog blog

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Sun Nov 16 2003 00:59

Speaking of broken links, the "News You Can Bruise" heading at the top of this very page (and countless others like it) links to the nonexistent location of http://www.crummy.com/nycb

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