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[Comments] (5) Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: Shipping containers plot their revenge.

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Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 17 2003 02:43

Once, when I was supposed to get fake plastic flowers for the school play, I couldn't because, as the guy at the fake plastic florist explained, all of the shipping containers were here, and all of the flowers were in Japan.


Yes, Japan.

Whatever you say, buddy.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Nov 17 2003 12:18


Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 17 2003 23:29

This reminds me of when we (Leonard and I) were driving to or from San Francisco and Leonard enlightened me as to the nature and history of multi-transportable shipping containers.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Tue Nov 18 2003 14:17

Even better is that they *float*. This was seen as a *good thing* when they were designed, but in fact they create a navigation hazard when they fall overboard. Most ships just order the crew to shoot them full of holes, like blasting asteroids.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Tue Nov 18 2003 20:06

That picture reminds me of those strips of colored hobby clay you use in art class. They were called... Color... aw man, I can see the logo and everything. I don't remember the name.

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