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: When I was in Bakersfield last, we went to see Bakersfield College's production of Richard III, which was really good. Instead of using the auditorium seating, they built a smaller stage on top of the real stage and put bleachers to three sides. This had the advantage that the audience as a whole surrounded the actors. The actors had to act like real people instead of people with a strange biological attraction towards the front of the stage.

The play was good, the actors very competent, and the producers somehow managed to resist the urge to set the thing in the Old West. But the writing was so melodramatic that I find myself receptive to the revisionist history peddled by the first Google results for "richard iii", organizations set up to combat the negative image of Richard III formed by this play. Richard's monologues were all to the effect of "You know, I'm really evil. But what good is my being evil unless I do evil things? I know, I'll kill [x]!"

I think we've found the perfect Shakesperean role for Seth: the Second Murderer from Act I Scene IV.

Not to kill him, having a warrant for it; but to be
damned for killing him, from which no warrant can defend us.
I'm Seth David Schoen.


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