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My Name Is Mario, And I'll Bake You One With Pesto! Yeah, I'll Bake You One With Pesto! Damn Good Pies!: They got some funny business names here in Little Rock. For instance, there's Catfish City, which has a great logo (no good image of same on web) and a water wheel in front which cost $4200. And there's a pizza place called Damn Good Pies, which I've been told is a good approximation to Super Pizza Hut Plus. But my favorite business name is "Tourism Research & Warehouse". It's a nondescript building in a strip mall of other nondescript buildings. That whole strip mall has to be a front for something. I know there's a Strategic Helium Reserve, but I'd think we'd have outsourced our Strategic Tourism Reserve to Japan.

That reminds me of a joke Jason made up. "What do miners say when they strike helium?" [squeaky voice] "We're rich!"


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