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[Comments] (4) Weird Bathroom Observation #2: Toilets in California are shorter, or nearer the floor, or something.

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Posted by Joe Grossberg at Tue Dec 02 2003 11:29

I have a hunch it's got something to do with Calif. laws mandating that toilets use less water with each flush.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Tue Dec 02 2003 17:59

I would have guessed the stricter layers atop the ADA, since the height of the bowl has no effect on capacity.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Tue Dec 02 2003 18:07

I have never been a big fan of toilet stall wallscrawl, but lately around San Francisco it's been getting into miniscule grout puns.

Of this trend I approve.

Posted by Ken Burstall at Wed Dec 03 2003 00:38

I think you'll find that due to the high level of seismic activity in California that the floors are actually higher. It only seems as though the toilet is shorter.
Hope this helps.

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