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[Comments] (5) For All Their Faults: I'd never heard of this: the Monty Python sketch "Wacky Queen", which was cut from the first episode of MPFC after it aired, presumably because... the queen... was too wacky... I guess...

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Posted by Brendan at Thu Dec 04 2003 15:13

Just for cautionary purposes, the ad that loaded at the bottom of the page when I clicked the link was fairly NSFW.

Nice outro, though!

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 05 2003 05:13

Argh! My magic Mozilla banner ad blocker has backfired! But I still don't see any ad. Was it a popup?

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 05 2003 05:18

I changed the link just to be on the SFW side.

Posted by Zack at Sun Dec 07 2003 16:59

and now it's a dead link :(

Posted by Leonard at Thu Dec 11 2003 21:59

Well, bah. If you want it, you can find it.

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