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[Comments] (4) : Went to the zoo today with Sumana. Great fun! The rain chased away the wimpy humans and animals, leading to a real bonding experience between those who toughed it out. Highlights: showboating caiman, graceful sting rays, loping lemurs, giant giant anteater.

Why do peacocks have the run of every zoo I've ever been to? Are they good filler birds?

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Posted by Sumana at Sat Dec 06 2003 15:28

The cooler weather led the kangaroos to scamper and hop, which was great.

Posted by Susie at Sun Dec 07 2003 12:24

Yay for the zoo! That's so cute. Which zoo did you go to?

Posted by Brendan at Mon Dec 08 2003 00:54

Sting rays are awesome! I don't do any particularly good celebrity / character impersonations (as per your earlier post), but I do a great sting ray.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Dec 08 2003 15:29

We went to the SF zoo, right by the ocean (which must confuse most of the animals).

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