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[Comments] (3) The Merriment Appropriations Bill: The Arkansas state capitol, right near the campaign office, is very stately and resembles the US Capitol building. Except they don't drape Christmas lights all over the US Capitol building. I'd probably be more receptive to the idea if they didn't do it with these tacky pinstripes of lights.

Useless fact: the Arkansas state capitol was used to represent the Capitol building in a made-for-TV movie written by Bob Woodward.


Posted by Frances at Tue Dec 09 2003 03:07

I see that separation of church and state is not alive and well in Arkansas.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Dec 09 2003 13:54

They're probably "holiday lights" or something.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Sun Dec 14 2003 11:24

The lights are there as a public service to people who can't see the capitol thru these long winter nights.

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