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[Comments] (2) Recipes I Just Made Up: I made up a recipe for a college student (Rachel) to eat without having to leave her house. Unfortunately it did not work because yes, she has no bananas, but she did like the recipe. "you should be a CHEF with your own cooking show", says she. Well, I am a CHEF of sorts, but unfortunately my proposal for a cooking show was rejected by ESPN.

I call this "Bisected Banana". Take a banana, peel it, and split it lengthwise. Spread creamy peanut butter on one of the banana halves and use it to glue the banana back together. Sprinkle the banana with a little sugar. The end.

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Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 11 2003 02:16

Yum. I had peanut butter and chocolate chips for lunch today. I too have no bananas.

Posted by Frances at Thu Dec 11 2003 02:43

meee neeether. I have two pears though.

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