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Tiny Restaurant Reviews: I've complained enough about the food in Little Rock. Time for an overview of some of the good dining to be had.

The pizza crust in Little Rock is still no good (still haven't tried Dammegoode Pies), but there's a restaurant called Bosco's (Oh, Bosco's!) that has good pizza on a really thin, but at least not crunchy crust. Good soup, too, though a little salty. We went right before they closed and they were out of a lot of stuff, which meant a lot of free food given in exchange for the food we'd ordered.

Caper's is a fancy restaurant, too fancy for the likes of us, but they left price-fixe coupons in the campaign lunchroom so we figured they had to let us in. We dined well in an old house with fireplaces and everything, taking great care not to accidentally order the $150 bottle of wine. My only complaint: the "portobello potstickers" I ordered were not potstickers at all; they were turnovers. It was a little weird.

The Purple Cow is a diner with great milkshakes and a funny menu. One of the few places I've been to where you can get a bleu cheeseburger; excellent if you want people to flee at your approach.

Last night we went to an excellent Mexican restaurant called SeƱor Tequila's. They had sopapillas on the menu but I did not subject them to the real-sopapilla test. There were so many of us there that it took forever for the meal to end without me messing everything up by ordering dessert. This is in accordance with Leonard's Immutable Law of Restaurants: "Dinner for n takes O(n2) time." For more details, see my upcoming paper, "The Mythical Man-Meal".

PS: A couple of times, such as today, we've had volunteers bring in big platters and tubs of home cooking. As always, that's the best stuff.

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