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[Comments] (7) More Dang Restaurant Reviews: Fried Okra Edition: I love fried okra. Says the South, "You came to the right place!" Here they deep-fry it instead of sauteeing it in butter like my father did, but it's still good. Anyway, the theme of today's restaurant reviews is places with fried okra.

Cotham's in the City: A restaurant near the capitol where, I suppose, all the politicians and staffers eat lunch. The whole restaurant is decorated with signs from political campaigns, and they have a rotating "stereotypical dish of the day": chicken and dumplings on Tuesday, fried chicken on Wednesday, etc. It basically involves either chicken or frying or both. They also have a dessert called "Mississippi Mud" (not the same as a Mississippi mud pie), which sounded really good but which I found disappointing. I may try my hand at improving it.

Dixie Cafe: This restaurant's entrees are nothing to write home about, but they have good sides (like fried okra) and a good fruit cobbler for dessert (they were the inspiration for my attempt at blackberry cobbler). They also have this whole little sub-restaurant inside the restaurant called "Polar Freeze" or something. It's an ice-cream parlor for kids. It's lit up all blue and it's a little scary, since we go there at night and there's never anyone there. It's like the Milkshake Research Laboratories or something.

Popeye's Chicken: This is a nationwide chain, but I just wanted to give it a dishonorable mention because it used to have fried okra and now it doesn't. Boo!

DSR False Alarms: For some reason, these both involve Martha Stewart.

martha stewart living flan recipe april 2002

Living flan?!?! Wait, never mind.

martha stewart monkey cake

Fortunately, monkey cake (aka monkey bread; caution: midi) containeth no monkey.

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