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[Comments] (2) The Film Goes Ever On And On: Saw Return of the King today. Great stuff! (Despite the lack of all of my favorite scenes.) I felt sorry for the mumakil, though. They were only trying to have fun! Stomping on people.

PS: Hey, Past Leonard, you saw The Two Towers with your family and Return of the King with the rest of the technical team from the presidential campaign where you work.

Past Leonard: Yeah, right. Stop calling me here!

Anyway, I see that Saruman has not been idle since the War of the Ring: his love of perverting all that is good and natural is surely the driving force behind Perlthon. Look at the author's name! "Manura"? An obvious anagram.

Future Leonard: Hey, Present Leonard, you will watch the extended DVD version of LOTR to pass the time on your colony ship's voyage to Sirius.

Stop wasting my time!

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Posted by Rachel at Wed Dec 17 2003 23:37

Yay Sirius!

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 18 2003 17:18

John and I and much more fam are seeing it on Saturday, yay!

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