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Sure, Why Not: Spam: Homeopathic HGH

[Comments] (2) Why Programmers Hate Government: Exhibit 3: It's a Christmas miracle! In this episode, programmers and government put aside their differences and enjoy a cool comma-delimited file containing ZIP code information. What are those mysterious last two numbers after the latitude and longitude?

[Comments] (1) Worrywart Hypothetical Spam:

What if Santa left a real star under the tree?

Yeah, let's try to watch out for that contigency. Geez, don't we trust Santa not to be incredibly stupid? What if Santa distributed Class III narcotics to little kids? What if Santa bypassed safety inspections before the sleigh launch and died in a harness accident 10,000 feet above Canada? Santa knows his stuff; he's not going to destroy the earth by twisting Mu Cassiopeiae into a black hole so's it'll fit into a gift box.


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