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[Comments] (1) The Tennessee Compromise: Consider the Reagan Legacy Project, a group which will not rest until everything on earth is named after Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan himself to be renamed "Ronald 'R.R.' Ronaldreagan"). Their highest goal: putting Reagan on the ten-dollar bill and banishing Alexander Hamilton to currency oblivion. I'd rather Alexander Hamilton not be banished to currency oblivion, so let me propose a compromise: put Reagan on the twenty-dollar bill. That way we can get rid of Jackson. Now, how to deal with that pesky Coolidge Legacy Project?

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Dec 31 2003 21:03

Better yet, put him on the $2 bill, since nobody will believe that a reagan dollar is real anyway.

Fun fact: the $2 fell into disfavor during a time when the minimum bet at the racetrack was $2.

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