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[Comments] (7) Thanksgiving Leftover Cookies: I had a big bag of dried cranberries from the "I didn't get enough Thanksgiving food" post-Thanksgiving food preparation mania, which I think was a big failure which is why I haven't shared my recipes with you. Anyway, a few of these cranberries had gone into a stuffing (which would have been great if I knew how to make stuffing), but I had an enormous number of them left and was at a loss as to how to dispose of them. Then it occured to me to use them instead of raisins in chocolate chip cookies. And they are great; much better, I would say, than raisins. You'll never eat chocolate chip cookies the same way again!

Update: The Crummy.com Test Kitchen You Can Bruise informs me that you eat these cookies the same way you ate cookies previously; they just taste different. My testers also add that you can alter the taste even more by partially rehydrating the cranberries in rum or other medicinal spirits.

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Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 08 2003 13:02

I like dried cranberries (Craisins) plain, which is odd because I don't like cranberry [juice, sauce, etc]

Posted by Sumana at Mon Dec 08 2003 13:20

Susie, I feel the opposite way about tomatoes. I live almost all tomato products, such as ketchup, marinara sauce, and sun-dried tomato bits, but my family also ate tomato slices sprinkled with sugar, which I didn't like.

Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 08 2003 13:36

I thought people ate tomatoes with salt...

Posted by Rachel at Mon Dec 08 2003 16:28

Yum! I accept cookie packages... I'll let you know my address... as soon as *I* know it

Posted by Leonard at Mon Dec 08 2003 16:03

Rach, I'll make you a big batch when we're in Bakersfield.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Dec 08 2003 16:48


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Dec 10 2003 22:07

Ha ha Bakersfield.


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