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[Comments] (2) lost+found: I found my electric razor at the bottom of my suitcase, so my original reason for having the beard is now moot. However now the inertia reason has kicked in--why not go with the beard and see where it leads? I'm already finding it invaluable for forming psychological defense mechanisms that make my endless Perl-filled days more bearable. So long as I have the beard, I can pretend that this is not my real life; it's just fan fiction about me. Once the campaign is over I'll shave my beard and wake up like Rip Van Winkle. "Whew! It was all noncanonical!"

Anyway. I was thinking that it would be nice if real life had a lost+found directory for everyone, where you could find socks and other things you thought you had lost, possibly scrambled. Someone should work on this.

NewsBruiser Nepotism #2: My cousin Kristen Smith, Alyson's sister, now has a weblog on crummy.com. Man, this is turning into Livejournal! In a good way.


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