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Incredibly Ambiguous Headline Watch: Hello! spoiler cost OK! dear

Dude, Where's My Lawyer?: I got spam with the subject:

Stoner says, "Call now, we're open" vmcgspgimrypn

I immediately thought, "What happened to Weedmon?! Bring back Weedmon!" But now it's obvious: "Weedmon" was clearly the alias of Omar Mendez, the dealer half of this transaction.

: Brilliant! Tim works around the nonexistence of a Hiptop SDK by hooking up to AIM a Unix implementation of the software he wanted to implement on the Hiptop. Specifically, you can now play IF games on your Hiptop.

(Found via referer logs thanks to Mike's tendency to mention GTV! and Degeneracy everywhere; thanks, Mike!)

: Sumana said "frog blog". I searched for frog blogs. Here are ten.

  1. Squished Frog Blog
  2. zen frog blog
  3. frog blog
  4. Electric Frogplate - Frog Blog
  5. frogBLOG
  6. Ribbity Blog
  7. The Boiled Frog Blog
  8. frog's blog
  9. Frog n' Blog
  10. A Frog in the Valley


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