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: Russian Ark was like being in a text adventure with particularly unobservant NPCs. For sheer audacity, ambition, and alliteration, I recommend it. Big chunks of it were boring; I can only hope they were neccessary pauses in the action to shuttle all the actors around the Hermitage, and not something the director thought would be a soul-shattering confrontation with mortality.

The previews included one for a film that looks cool, despite being called "a darkly comic masterpiece" on the webpage: Divine Intervention. It features an actor who looks like Siddig El Fadil, and a pink Yasser Arafat balloon. I thought Big Shot's Funeral looked good, though[0], so what do I know.

[0] I haven't actually seen Big Shot's Funeral, but every review I've read was either really negative or (worse for my prospects of wanting to see a film) damning with faint praise.


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