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H.R. Geiger: Geiger counter watch (from Manoj), would be cool if it cost $50 instead of $1500. Handhelds are in the $240-$330 range, though, so that seems unlikely. What is the Moore's Law curve for Geiger counters?

My dream useless 'convergence' machine would be a combination Geiger counter/GPS system/ham radio. Fearmongering use case used to sell this device: "Help, I'm trapped near an old Soviet test site in Kazakhstan!"

T-Shirt From The "Fashions You Can Bruise" Line: <--I'M WITH SETH DAVID SCHOEN

Joyless B-Movie Title: Creature From The Same Planet

: Crummy's been up and down for a while; the hosting machine has been hanging. Hopefully it won't happen anymore.

Anyway, I released NewsBruiser 1.12, "Remote Control Rhino". It's got the XML-RPC interfaces and many bug fixes and enhancements. In fact, I'll be using it right now to import my old editthispage entries.

Update: Success! Eg. "dinoflagellate", The Even Newer Economy.


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