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Dead Spammer's Society #4: Again from Kevan:

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A Hizouse Divided: "Government of the people, by the people, and part of this complete breakfast."

Did Ancient Astronauts Walk Around Aimlessly?: With GPS Drawing, you can visualize your wanderings from the air as an elephant, or a lattice of explodingdog-ish geometric shapes. If Conan Doyle were still around, Holmes could locate the jewels right where they appeared when you superimposed over a map of London the Punch cartoon depicting the theft, in an amazing feat of deduction and high-stakes geocaching. Maybe Stephenson will come through with something similar. Link from the abyss means...

: My birthday present to Rachel was an old '30s-ish snap purse, the kind the dame is wearing when she walks into the shamus' office. It's really nice, she likes it, and I got it at a yard sale for $3. Score! I just learned this trick, so pay attention: always be on the lookout for birthday presents for your sisters, so you don't have to go shopping especially for their birthdays and not know what to get.


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