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: From various sources, so I'll just pick toastedkitten. The Smoking Gun used to do one-off exposes of the backstage riders of various musical groups. Now they've gone overboard with Backstage Pass, a collation of over 100 backstage riders, full of both universal "We need towels and fresh socks because we sweat like purebred hogs under the stage lights" moments, and artist-specific "this bad thing happened once and so help us we will WRITE ITS ABSENCE INTO THE CONTRACT so that it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN" moments ("IF THERE IS AN ANIMAL BACKSTAGE, ALABAMA WILL NOT PERFORM."--a convenient general escape clause, since humans are animals).

TSG has their own commentary on each rider, and how can you not agree with the analysis "All hail Foo Fighters"? FF's rider is Berendian in parts: "**Dearest reader-This rider is comprised of the things that make the band rock you like a proverbial hurricane!".

The common-denominator corporate beneficiary of all these riders: the Solo Cup Company.


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