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: Hey, remember Grail?

Extreme Marketing!: I added an awesome new doc to NewsBruiser: NewsBruiser Notes From All Over. It contains radical tips about how to get the most out of your NewsBruiser. Right now there's a tip from Gary Benson on making your NewsBruiser installation a speed demon! Also, a silly tip of my own concoction about importing into NewsBruiser from an Advogato site which--surprise!--is also NewsBruiser!

I wanted to make NBNFAO a goofy-looking pseudotainment site like Cool 2B Real, so that the younger generation would be tricked into sampling hot NewsBruiser tips, not knowing that I was secretly underwriting the whole affair in hopes of boosting their NewsBruiser consumption. That fell through because I lack the neccessary design skills, so it's the same (admittedly icky green, which might play well with males 5-8) scheme as the rest of Tigris, and the NewsBruiser Flash hangman game will have to wait. Instead, I'm going the Astroturf route, like Dr. Pepper before me, recruiting key bloggers to discretely shill for NBNFAO on their sites. Unfortunately, that's not going too well either; I've only been able to convince one blogger to agree to the formatting and tone requirements that best reflect the sheer extremeness of the NewsBruiser brand.

: New NewsBruiser release: 1.12.1, "Rings of the Rattlesnake" (look, my news item got the pi database ID!). No amazing new feature in this release, unless you're wild about ESF or you've got an Advogato diary that you want to import into NewsBruiser, but it's got a lot of bugfixes and the code is more modular. It's a good interim release. Interim to what I don't know.

: Pete Peterson II made some obscure comment about a "Married By America"[0]. I asked him to elaborate. He did:

"Married By America" is a new reality show where a woman has "volunteered" to have her spouse selected via the viewers of the "reality television" program of the same name. At the end of the show, they'll get married. At least for a few blissful minutes.

I think that "Married By America" should be cancelled so that we can start using "by America" as a down-home oath like "by gum", as in "You two lovebirds should be married, by America!"

[0] Obscure comment follows: the inevitable sequel will be called "Married By America: With Children".


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