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We Put The "Fun" In Functionality (And Vice Versa): It's Templating System Daze here in NewsBruiserville, home of the World's Most Deeply Nested Template. In celebration, the kids from the high school have painted the old barn and put on Template! The Musical. It's the NewsBruiser template interpolation system, now housed in an all-singing, all-dancing Python library. You can use it just about anywhere you've got a string containing embedded commands. What will they think of next?

"Read" "About" "It" "On" "Weblog": Sumana and I have been renting movies recently. Here are some reviews.

PS: The actor who played the gumshoe (Akira Emoto) was in Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla! I knew I recognized him from somewhere.

Now I'm All Excited: There's a new Godzilla/Mechagodzilla movie! They keep making worse and worse design decisions in building Mechagodzillas; this time, he's got "the skeleton of the original Godzilla that attacked Japan in 1954". Do they think Godzilla isn't tougher than his own fifty-year-old skeleton? Here's the official site, which includes photos from a press conference at which Godzilla wields a baseball bat for some reason.

What's more, last year there was another Godzilla movie that hasn't made it over here yet. The list of release dates for both movies stop abruptly in South Korea. Stop hogging Godzilla, South Korea! (Never mind that I'm so lazy that I haven't yet seen Godzilla 2000.)


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