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Software Roundup Roundup: People come up to me on the street and start to say something but before they can I say "Stop, person coming up to me on the street! How can we go on like this? You, asking me ludicrous and far-fetched questions. Me, using it as a segue into a News You Can Bruise entry. When will it end? Let's break the cycle. Instead of answering your question. I will tell you about some software directories I've found online."

Any that I missed? (I'm deliberately excluding Windows software sites like download.com.com because 1) I am a snob, and 2) I prefer linking to Linux software because that's what I use.)

[Addendum: I update this weblog entry as I remeber or discover more application directories. Do not let this disturb you. Just think of it as a Wiki that only I can edit.]

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