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: You know what would be cool would be a way of specifying multiple links for a single <a> tag. You would do this in a way similar to the way you put a <link rel="foo" href="..."> in a HEAD tag. (It would probably go inside the main <a>). Browsers would implement this by, for instance, putting the alternate links in the menu that shows up when you right-click a link. Among other things, I would use this to give myself a link to the entry edit functionality in a NewsBruiser permalink.

I have not looked into whether or not this actually exists, because the longer I put it off, the longer I can pretend it exists in some dusty section of the HTML spec. I assume it doesn't exist because I can already feel the people who are in charge of adding things to the HTML spec breathing down my neck, telling me to use one user-visible control per hyperlink destination. Don't make me use Javascript!

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