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: I got rid of about half of my books at the Bakersfield used bookstore that always makes me feel like they think I'm trying to cheat them. They took all of the books, though, and my contributions will surely make the place a bit more highbrow. There is a used bookstore in Mountain View, right across the street from the Mongolian barbecue place, and I was going to take the books there tomorrow, on my way back home. They have a much better selection for me to use my store credit on, and don't make me feel like they think I'm trying to cheat them, but it turns out they only buy books on Friday and Saturday. Next time, Gadget...

Also gave a bunch of old stuff I don't need to the Salvation Army. It's Get Rid Of Stuff Daze here at Leonard's house, because I might be moving soon. More as the situation develops.


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