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Python Templating System Roundup:

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I'm investigating Python templating systems for use in NewsBruiser. TTM!'s functional approach is good for user-entered templates that fit into predefined control flow, but I'm looking to start doing the screens with templates, and it's no good for that.

By my side-of-the-envelope calculation, there are more Python templating systems than there are Rocks 'n' Diamonds levels. I've skimmed some web pages and tried to get a few of them to work, so I am now an expert on Python templating systems, at least as regards whether or not I can use them in NewsBruiser.

Here are my showstoppers for any module I might want to incorporate into NewsBruiser. The first two are born of my design goal of making NewsBruiser work for anyone whose hosting service has Python available and who can unzip a tarball. The last one is due to the unfortunate reality of software licensing. I've looked at the template systems with these showstoppers in mind, which means that often I'll simply dismiss a possibly deserving module without really looking at it; this is not a reflection on the module.

First, the ones I can't or won't use:

[STOP PRESS! Crummy Premium subscription now only $24.91/year! Such a deal!]

Now, the actual contenders:

So, unless I find something else that's better (do you know of any?), or I can get XYAPTU to work, I'm probably going to hack up AHTS or tinpy to fit my needs.

Speaking Of Templates: Amazon has a thing called "The Page You Made" where they show me stuff I've been looking at on Amazon, and other stuff that's related to that stuff in the unimaginative way Amazon thinks things are related to other things (ie. by being by the same person). This is fine, except for the tiny fact that I didn't make that page! It's a lie! I never made that page! My antifingerprints are all over it! Had I actually made that page, it would have fewer graphics and those graphics present would be of dinosaurs. It would also have more random stuff on it.

I wouldn't mind so much, except that I have photographic evidence that Amazon is showing this same page to everyone, and trying to pawn it off as my work. For shame!


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