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Divine Intervention: The movie is basically a collection of little skits bound together by incredibly boring filler. The skits are either low-key psychological humor or over-the-top manic anger and violence. Two of the skits (the balloon skit and the tank skit) are hilarious. The rest span the spectrum of not-hilarious funniness, most of them being moderately funny.

The pacing is off on those skits near the beginning, in which the same scene is repeated numerous times. There's also a weird Palestinian-nationalist fantasy sequence near the end which turned me off. The filler, as previously mentioned, is boring.

The trailer is much snappier and has almost everything that's really funny in the movie, except for the license plate skit and the tank skit, and the fact that the balloon skit goes on and on with James Bond music playing the whole time. My recommendation: just watch the trailer. It's great.

: Easibox looks to replace the little shell script I have written to tar up NewsBruiser releases. I'll have to hack it to pregenerate the template for the release message, though.

PyCon Talks I Wish Had Existed:

: Sumana told me that whereas most Lonely Planet guides to foreign countries have a teaser on the front cover saying something quaint like "The city of high spirits and high art" or "Where ancient history meets modern metropolis", the teaser for the Lonely Planet guide to Myanmar says "Should you go? See page 1". Possible alternative teaser: "Have you considered Kazakhstan instead?"


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