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Comic Irish Songs Head On "My Music!": Third In A Series: Dear Old Donegal

Panic Pasta: Ingredients:

Heat up water for pasta. Chop up onions. Chop up tomato. Chop up--aah! The mushrooms are rotten! They are deformed, twisted into mockeries of their former shapes! What kind of mold preys on a fungus? Shouldn't a fungus be able to hold its own? Uh-oh, the water is boiling! Quick, throw in the pasta! Now, quickly find

Open the can, drain the olives. Chop up half of the olives. Heat up the olive oil in a saucepan. Stir the pasta! What if you had just mushed up the remaining olives and used that instead of olive oil? Would it work? Would it taste better? If you made olive oil out of canned olives, would it cancel out the cannedness? For that matter, does store-bought olive oil count as "canned" food? Put the tomato, onions and olives into the olive oil and swish them around to cook them. Stir the pasta again. You forgot the garlic! Get

Chop them up and put them in the saucepan. Grate the cheese! The pasta is done! Drain it. Add a splash of vinegar to the pasta sauce and cook a little more. Serve the pasta with the sauce and cheese. Halfway through eating it, decide that it needs some basil.

Add the basil. Enjoy the remaining portion.

You've Never Bruised News Like This: Working on the final push towards getting rid of the manual-configuration setup step in NewsBruiser. You can now (in CVS) add, delete, and reorder notebooks through the NewsBruiser interface. I have to rewrite the documentation and add application cues for new users, but the heavy lifting is done. They said I was mad! And, frankly, I was mad. But that's neither here nor there.

Terror Of Origadzilla: Rawr!

I Know You Want Someone To Round Up Some Games:

[0] "Pseudo-RPG": TwenCen[1] Leonard/Andy term for computer games which have the trappings of traditional tabletop RPGs yet which are not actually RPGs. They're usually just tactical games. Not that there's anything wrong with that! There's no reason you couldn't implement an actual RPG in Agar, except for the inherent difficulty of doing role-playing with a software DM.

[1] Obvious nomenclature for this sort of stupid fake future slang, which I came up with last week while reading David Brin's Earth: "Newslang".

: Tim "Caps Lock" May writes in to tell me that the creature mentioned here is an eryops, not a thecodont or a euryops.

Eryops wasn't a thecodont, but a labyrinthodontid amphibian. Thecodonts, I gather, were reptiles.

Why did I think it was a euryops? Because of Trans-kingdom Speciation Through Typo Codon Insertion.


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