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Photo Wire Roundup: (Haven't had one of these for a while)

WE 0WNZ J00CHE: Connect the dots:

  1. 20030512: N. Korea claims new drink for techies
  2. 20030516: N. Korea training hackers, Seoul says

: Because today is apparently North Korea day here at NYCB, let me share an observation I made during my recent map obsession, on a nice map site I found via m14m. Among many other interesting maps, the Library of Congress has a very detailed 1969 map of the Korean DMZ and surrounding environment. It turns out there's a city called P'yonggang just on the north side of the DMZ, which makes me think it's some kind of decoy city.

"Success! We've taken the capital!"

"Wait, let me see that map. We went northeast? This is P'yonggang!"

Fortunately, it turns out countermeasures have been in place for years.


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