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Sparkling Water Symposium: Kevin got me started on drinking sparkling water. I don't know why I do this. I think sparkling water tastes awful, yet I'm drinking it. I asked Kevin, why does he drink this water that tastes so awful. Kevin said, "It's an adult beverage." Adult beverage, my eye. That's just a code phrase for "it tastes awful". What is the actual appeal of sparkling water?

Update: Sumana's suggestions, in helpful outline form:

  1. You know that it has been through a factory at some point, and that it is not plain tap.
    1. prestige
    2. safety, quality of water (my hypothesis on why Russians want their bottled water carbonated)
  2. Costs more (prestige).
  3. Flavors. Like an Italian soda without the calories.
  4. More "festive" so teetotalers can fit in at a party.

Update #2: A. Cairns writes on the topic "Why I drink sparkling water":

It's like drinking deadly, alkaline poison -- without all the messy dying!

It calms my fears of mortality.


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