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: Sumana pointed out that there is such a thing as a Ninja Camera Mount. Let's pretend it's not what it is, and explore some alternative possibilities.

  1. Kick-spinning tripod of death
  2. Technology enabling "Post-Feudal Ninja Industrialists" to be the first movie filmed in NINJA-VISION!
  3. Neighbor to the Temple Mount

From Mars With Love: Mark Welch announced the First Picture of Earth from Mars. Take that, Mars!, uh, Earth!, wait, who is the scapegoat here? (cf.)

Very Special Episode: A guy installed NewsBruiser and had all kinds of problems setting it up on his machine. I kept answering his questions and feeling bad, but in his most recent email he says "BTW, for what I am doing I still like NB the best," and it was the best Christmas ever.

Question: I thought the term for a modifying filter (a filter which may remove data from a stream, like a regular filter, but may also pass data through in modified form) was "milter", but it looks like that is only used for a modifying filter whose job it is to modify or block email messages. What's the generic term for a modifying filter as opposed to a straining one? I need this for NewsBruiser.


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