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: This is more a VH1 Behind the Music type thing than a proper HotEA entry, but this history of the Commander Keen series of games is very comprehensive, and has lots of quotes and reminiscences by the authors.

Mother Of All Software Roundups: This is going to be a huge roundup. Beware! I'm not even all the way caught up on the links I've been keeping, but I'm going to hang out with Sumana in a bit. Also a big Game Roundup following close on this entry's heels.

Special Emacs Insert

Hey there, Emacs fans. Here are some Emacs packages and resources.

And now back to our show.

Special Meta Insert

Today we have two applications which put a thing in another thing of the same type. These were the days of the Special Meta Insert, when nested things ran arbitrarily free. Come back with us now to that lawless time--hey, my Palm Pilot!

And now back to our show again.

Game Roundup Is A Powerful Deceiver:


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