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Leonard, What Is The Best Pasta In The World?: The best pasta in the world is cavatappi (Italian for "corkscrew", apparently). It has a great texture that holds sauce well, and unlike some pastas it has its own taste, slightly nutty, so it's not just a vehicle for sauce. It also looks cool.

The second best pasta in the world might be ziti, but I'm not sure.

X-Men Question: I don't know anything about the X-Men or comics in general, so I want to know from you how the X-Men feel about people, like polydactyls or albinos, who are mutants but whose mutations don't confer upon them any special abilities. Do they "count" as mutants? Are they despised? Protected? Not worth caring about? How do normal humans in the X-Men universe feel about them? Is the whole idea unexplored territory because it's too boring to make it into a comic book?

What Is A Wolphin?: Is it some sort of furry thing? No, it's a whale/dolphin hybrid. "Such a hybrid is impossible!", you might be tempted to say; well, Kekaimalu is here to demonstrate your incorrectness!


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