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: Attention Tonight's Episode fans: Monday kicks off Tonight's Episode Sweeps Week, five days of sensationalist TEs designed to boost flagging ratings, courtesy of Jason Robbins. Jason also sent me an email titled "off the hook for spam":

Today I got the following spam:

Subject: Unless you have a PhD, READ THIS E-MAIL h zt b

Oh Kay.

Antislavery Song Misses The Point:

John Brown's body lies a-moulderin' in the grave
John Brown's body lies a-moulderin' in the grave
John Brown's body lies a-moulderin' in the grave
A-moulderin' in the grave


Moulderin', moulderin', moulderin' moulderin'
Moulderin', moulderin', moulderin' moulderin'

The Roundup of Eater of Meaning: Kevan and Seth enjoy EoM, and now it's even better. I implemented Kevan's suggestion for an Eater that changes a word to a different word that starts with the same three letters; this makes the text look less purely random and look more like something out of a dream. "I've done it for years with song lyrics, in my head," says Kevan (I quote that herebecause I need to reference it in a future NYCB entry no another topic). Seth just says, "The Eater of Meaning is _so_ great!"

TEoM reminds me of the Troll Book Club order forms I got once a month or so in grade school. My friends and I had great fun erasing or crossing out letters to turn "time" into "tie", etc. and making hash out of the descriptions of Caldecott winners. There is no EoM mode to do this, but I might write one and recapture those halcyon days.


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