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Another Day, Another Eater of Meaning: 1.2 is up, thanks to some help from Todd and some good old-fashioned elbowgrase (sryy for typos, mt elbowf are slipoery),. It now correctly handles previously troublesome sites like oblomovka.com, zeldman.com, sites with meta redirects, sites with self-closing tags, sites with frames, etc. etc. There's also a new eater which turns a page into lorem ipsum. (Obligatory "meta overload" link)

Crud, it just got linked on MetaFilter. I was going to talk about unit tests but I should work on a cache instead.

Update: OK, much better.

PS: the name "Eater of Meaning" comes from a song I wrote called "Eaters of Meaning". I've had that song stuck in my head for the past 3 days.

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