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┏━━━☎━┓: A few years ago I developed an interest in Unicode, and went over to unicode.org to see what I could see in the way of actual Unicode characters. I couldn't see very much, and I assumed they were trying to get you to buy the Unicode book I've never encountered anywhere. Since then applications that support Unicode have actually started existing, and unicode.org has bowed to the collective will of snoopy people like myself and put up little graphical Unicode character charts in PDF form. There's also a character name index, allowing you to answer burning questions like "Are there Unicode characters corresponding to the phases of the moon?" (Answer: yes, but only first and last quarter. I guess for a half moon you'd use one of the half-filled circles from Geometric Shapes ◖ ◗, and for a full moon the white circle from same ○, or a happy face ☺).

Of course, time has once again left unicode.org in the dust, as there are now websites that show you Unicode characters in your web browser. Take heart, though: I don't yet have a font for Byzantine Musical Symbols, so for that it's gotta be the PDF.

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