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: Bizarre new jellyfish discovered. I actually got a preview of this jellyfish back in 2000; the professor of my Oceans class must have known the research team, because we got to watch a spooky, gruesome video in which a ROV was approached by an enormous jellyfish and ended up slicing off one of its arms into a sample tank. ("But the biologists... have collected tissue samples of the bell and the thick arms of one specimen.")

Hey, Future Leonard: Need to retroactively change a CVS commit message? Take a tip from Dan Rall:

cvs admin -m "#.##:`cat /path/to/new/commit/message`" path/to/affected/file

Where #.## is the version number for the file.

If you need to retroactively change a CVS commit message for a commit that affected more than one file, you are doomed to repeat that action for every file. A little utility script would be useful here.

That Explains It: Kevin got spam that said:

Did you know the Government gives away money for almost any reason?

: Broke my internal promise and worked more on the Eater tonight; I wrote an extension to the WordReplacingEater that lets you copy the content from one URL into the layout of another URL, but I don't think it's good enough to put up yet, and I need to make some dinner.

: Many years ago, I drew a calculus comic called The Adventures Of e. The derivative of The Adventures Of e is surely The Trouble With Otis, an algebra comic. Like The Adventures Of e, The Trouble With Otis has a not-as-funny sequel. Only now do I realize that the world of these comics is strangely roguelike, with characters and symbols moving around and talking.


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