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Amazing Software Roundup: That is, the roundup is amazing as always, but some of the software is also amazing. This software roundup will take you to the depths of a star about to explode, to various abstract mathematical spaces, and to the Francophone region of your choice. Live the adventure! No refunds.

Because the poem I came up with mentions a bunch of different programs from this week's roundup, the poem is not a prize. My favorites of the roundup are ep and FOF.

While trying to get to the bar
I got lost in the core of a star
My GPS reads
Only RSS feeds
Which is useless when driving a car

: Oh, that reminds me to tell you about the little test I ran on the readers of pyblagg. I kept track of how many people from pyblagg hit the May 26 Game Roundup versus the Software Roundup that immediately preceded it.

Clearly, pyblagg readers preferred the great taste of Software Roundup by a hefty margin. This is a shame because the poem I wrote for Game Roundup was a lot better. SR had more stuff though.


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