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MoreSensationalistExaminer.com: It's been a while, but "BART flies" should be "BART lies".

: Addendum to this conversation. The proper sobriquet for the "let everyone use corked bats" proposal was not discussed in that conversation. It is "the Slate way", either "the everyday economics way" or "the hey, wait a minute way".

Teaser: Upcoming entries from EuroPython, and at some point my collective review of hot sauces where I try to impose my subjective tastes upon you. I'm meeting, or will try to meet, Jarno Virtanen in Brussels, and it makes me less apprehensive to know that it'll be just like the old days: the American agent meeting the Finnish agent at the dead drop in Brussels. So, for the next week, News You Can Bruise departs from its usual frenetic pace of posting to bring you only the occasional entry made of snatched bits of time, possibly consisting only of cryptic phrases I saw on signs.


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