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EuroPython Day 3: Yesterday, Guido had a keynote which was different enough from his PyCon keynote that I stayed interested. I just came back from a talk on SQLObject, a simple object model/database layer. My head is spinning after a number of rapid-fire Twisted tutorials. Also I learned about empy, which I had previously not looked at due to it being GPLed. It looks very nice, so I may put effort into resolving the license incompatibility somehow. There was also a mention of Jeff Raskin's The Humane Editor (not The Human Editor), which does for commenting syntax what Python did for control flow syntax.

At dinner last night I had an ice cream dessert, like a giant Mochi, called a "Tartouffe". I do not know anything about it or why it is named after a Moliere character, but it was tasty.

Non-EuroPython-Related Entry: A lot of P.G. Wodehouse's early work is available from Project Gutenberg.


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