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Cool Tool, Nice Name: StrangeBanana generates random CSS layouts that you can use for your web site. Similar to the thing that made pages random colors which I did (very briefly) for Crummy in 1999 (only previous NYCB mention), but more high-tech and less obnoxious. From effbot, which has actually started using the otherworldly designs.

Fatal Error: Funny, Alphaman-esque screenshot from my day at work.

Today's Downhill Feature: You can now exclude URLs from consideration in your Downhill search. I implemented this in response to Colin, who complained about the appearance in shortest paths of weblogs.com, blogdex, and other things that are not weblogs. Rather than volunteering to mantain in perpituity a list of non-weblogs that nonetheless show up in the ecosystem, I made it a do-it-yourself thing that also makes it possible to incrementally search a space of related weblogs.

: Presenting the Microsimulation of road traffic. Lets you simulate the causes and easing of traffic jams. It would be great to modify it to let you experiment with antitraffic.


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