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[Comments] (5) Just Back Away Slowly: Workin' on a Perl farm. Trying to raise some hard code. Getting out my dollar sign. Initializing your variable. Looking in your manual. Useing all your modules. Downloading you from CPAN. Exporting your name.

Perl farm woman. I'll cast you to array. Perl farm woman. Cast you to scalar too. Perl farm woman. Don't you know I'll cast to hash... hash!

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Posted by Joe at Sun Jan 11 2004 04:03

For some reason after reading this I can't get "it's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll" out of my head.

Posted by Leonardr at Sun Jan 11 2004 09:03

I'm sorry. For everything!

Posted by Sumana at Mon Jan 12 2004 13:59

Your comment makes you sound like T-Rex from Qwantz.

Posted by pedro at Fri Jan 16 2004 12:10

perl farm woman... i think i love you

but i wanna know for sure!

Posted by Daniel at Tue Jan 20 2004 19:48

I'd rather flee.

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