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[Comments] (3) Apropos Chinese New Year:

"What animal are you?"



It turns out I am actually a sheep. I was thinking it would be nice to vary the Chinese lunar calendar to give other organisms a chance. We would have cool years like the year of the elephant, year of the saber-tooth tiger, year of the mola mola, year of the E. coli, etc. Just another idea from Leonard Labs, where we're always working orthogonal to your best interests.

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Posted by ppppedro at Thu Jan 22 2004 09:52

I want to see descriptions of all the animal types along with their interaction/marriageability charts.

Leonard, If I'm born in the year of the Ibex, what are my chances are with, say, people born in the year of the Arctic Tern?

Posted by Leonard at Thu Jan 22 2004 10:40

You know, I was just thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a big project that would take up all of my time?" I think this could be it.

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Thu Jan 22 2004 17:36

I remember how disappointed I was when I found out that the Chinese Zodiac was just a simple circular progression. I was hoping there'd be at least some crazy stuff going on, like a perpetual calendar. I mean, look at the effect of leap years, you've got this simple progression among 14 calendars, but then every four years, they do something crazy just to confuse you. But then every 100 years, they don't do something crazy, just to confuse you more. And then every 400 years they do something crazy, just to drive you insane.

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