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[Comments] (4) Next Slide, Please: If photos like this one can make it onto the AP photo wire, maybe there's hope for my photography.

PS: Let me restate my plea for a news photo wire where the photos don't go bad after a month. Anyone? Should I just set up my own silent, copyright-infringing filcher?

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Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Tue Jan 27 2004 14:41

Isn't that the ghostscript tiger in the background?

Posted by Riana at Tue Jan 27 2004 14:44

The snarling tiger looming in the upper right, ready to bite off the heads of those attempting to vote, is sinister to say the least, representing as it does royalty, cruelty, treachery, authority, and overlong sentences.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jan 27 2004 15:03

You're right, it is!

I don't think I ever recovered from the discovery that my junior high school mascot was a clip art bulldog, and not something drawn for the school.

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Tue Jan 27 2004 22:42

I just like to think that, somewhere in New Hampshire, there's a High School called "PostScript"

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