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[Comments] (7) Great Things About Python #1: The way you can unroll an arbitrarily complex data structure deeply nested list in a for statement, and assign everything to variables, and it's readable.

Update: I don't think this entry deserves to be on the Daily Python-URL, but I'll take what I can get.

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Posted by Leonard at Tue Feb 03 2004 10:05

All I did was post an observation about an aspect of Python that makes my life easier. That's why I don't think this deserves to be mentioned on the Daily Python-URL.

But if it's code you want, go here: http://www.crummy.com/devel/

Posted by Christopher Armstrong at Tue Feb 03 2004 14:37

How about explaining what you're talking about? ;-)

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Fri Feb 06 2004 14:09

Come on, son. Give us a snippet here!

Posted by Sean Neakums at Sun Feb 08 2004 12:23

Feed your droogs!

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 08 2004 20:00

OK, here's a simple one:

for (key, (val1,val2,val3...,valn)) in i.items():

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